A report of Asthma and allergy foundation of America ranked Dallas at the seventh position in terms of most allergy prone city, something that people of Dallas don’t want to be. The place is considered to be the most challenging place to live in. Dallas ranked 23rd last year but unfortunately, they ranked higher this year which shows the situation is turning worst day by day and making the life of the people miserable out there.

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But still Dallas is considered a much better place to live in than the other metropolitan cities that are the worst sufferer of allergies, although the majority of the people considered Dallas to be the “capital of allergy.”

Allergies Dallas

Reason behind the worst situation

The reason that is supposed to be the cause of such dreadful situations behind “allergies dallas” are as follows:

  • Rapid rise of ragweed level.
  • The growing season that is too long.
  • Existence of mold problem throughout the year.

Signs of allergy that people in Dallas are suffering

Present scenario

It has been reported by Asthma and Allergy foundation of America that the landscape of allergy is changing year after year because of the long growing season along with the rapid increase in carbon dioxide and high rainfall. One of the Canadian horticulturists “Thomas Leo Ogren” revealed the fact that male plants have greater tendency to produce pollen compare to the female plants. Gardeners love to plant more male plants because these plants don’t produce unnecessary flowers and fruits, thus leaving less waste for them in their garden to clean. This process of eradicating female plants is known as Unnatural selection by Ogren.

Flowers that are more attractive with sweet smell attract more and more insects for pollination, thus producing more and more pollens. Keep reading allergies dallas to know which plant you should plant in your yard.

Ogren’s ranking of plants based on rate of producing pollens

Thomas Ogren ranked plants numbered 1 to 10 based on the rate of pollens that it produces and its allergy potential. According to him, Oak is ranked 9 because it has ahigh tendency to produce more pollen because of its long growing season. He ranked number 2 to bamboo because bamboo does not produce flowers, thus no chances ofpollination. Therefore bamboo has the least allergy potential. According to him, the worst is male juniper that is ranked at number 10 because it has a tendency towards huge explosion of pollen.

What should be the location?

There are many reasons behind the explosion of allergic pollen among which one of the important factors is location. For instance, Oak is considered to be allergic trees in Dallas but even that people don’t stop planting anoak in their yard. Even if you don’t plant anoak in your yard, there is a high tendency of spreading these oak pollen miles after miles.

There are basically two problems behind the spreading of allergic pollen. They are:

  • What are the plants in your region?
  • What are the plants in your yard?

Weeds and ragweed have a strong tendency to blow to the longest distance approximately 700 miles. It is always advisable by Ogren to take charge of your own yard first to prevent allergies dallas and its allergic environment.

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