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Patients go nuts over new allergy therapy

Palo Alto Online - 2 hours ago
Amelia is the latest patient to complete her treatment at a new allergy clinic on the Peninsula that uses oral immunotherapy to desensitize patients to food allergens, a rare method of treatment that...

Under-The-Tongue Tablet for Dust Mite Allergy Launches

Allergic Living - 5 hours ago
If you suffer from allergies to dust mites, those microscopic insects that live in your couch and bedding, you may find relief in a once-a-day under the tongue tablet called Odactra, now available at...

Aspirin Could Actually Be the Culprit of Your Pain — Here Are Signs You're Allergic

POPSUGAR - 5 hours ago
It's been a hectic week, and just as you sit down to finish your work, all of the stress you've been dealing with catches up to you in the form of a nagging headache. Trust me — we've...

Student with allergy died of 'misadventure' after eating buttermilk burger

Metro - 10 hours ago
A student with allergies died as a result of misadventure after eating a chicken burger marinated in buttermilk, an inquest has concluded. Shahida Shahid's death was found to be an...

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