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Allergy Season Is Upon Us. Here's Your Antidote.

GQ Magazine - 4 days ago
It's that time of year again—when the pollen floats more prominently through the air, into your lungs, and manifests itself as itchy, scratchy, congested seasonal allergies. That usually means...

Hurricane Harvey's impact on allergy sufferers

Baylor College of Medicine News (press release) - 6 days ago
Hurricane Harvey's impact on allergy sufferers (320x240) One of the most common post-Hurricane Harvey health issues that people are facing are worsening allergies, and there are numerous reasons...

Why allergies could be bad for years after Harvey

KPRC Houston - 3 days ago
Allergies are about to get a whole lot worse as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Baylor College of Medicine predicts allergies could pose a threat for years to come. "It affects not only the...

Allergy season gearing up

messenger-inquirer - 20 hours ago
Fall is here, which means leaves are starting to change, temperatures are shifting, and the flowers and plants are in their last bloom. It also means fall allergies are descending on Kentuckians with...

Virus going around with symptoms that mimic allergies - 2 days ago
Her symptoms are simply seasonal this time of year, but at the same time, the Tri-State had an allergy explosion these past few weeks. Dr. Scott Woods said a respiratory virus also hit hard too....

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