Allergies are a very common health condition and studies show 6 out 10 individuals suffers from some kind of allergy or the other. Allergies are triggered when a person comes in contact with an allergen to which his or her body is not immune. Even the most common things that we see around us can act as an allergen for some people.

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Allergies can be of several types: they can come as skin rashes, asthma attacks, swellings of the inner mouth, throat or of different body parts. Allergies can cause itching, breathing trouble, nausea, vomiting, stomach disorder and in short, can make your life hell!

Allergy Testing cost

How to prevent allergies?

The best way to stay away from allergies is to avoid any sort of contact with the allergens. You must avoid touching, consuming or inhaling any substance that triggers an allergy. Some people are allergic to dust, pollens, certain drugs, while some people might be allergic to food items – like seafood, peanut butter, eggs, or even to something as unusual as strawberries!

To know what kind of allergic reactions your body is prone to and to avoid those allergens, a person can opt for allergy tests. Allergy testing cost a considerable amount, but it is also the beginning of a treatment which can ensure better health for you and your family, and nothing’s more important than that.

Types of allergy tests and allergy testing cost:

  • Blood test:

The procedure is simple, blood is drawn from the patient and then it’s sent off for a test. If the person is suffering from some kind of allergy, it shall be revealed by the test. It can cost approximately $200 to $1000 in case of blood tests.

  • Skin test:

This is a usual testing procedure where an allergen is brought in contact with the skin and the skin is then pricked a little. If the person is allergic to that particular thing, he/she will have a minor allergic reaction within 15 minutes. Such tests can cost $60 to $300.

  • Challenge test:

This test is used to detect drug or food allergy, and the patient is made to inhale or consume a small quantity of the suspected allergen in presence of an expert supervisor.

These tests are not very cheap, so there’s no point in spending the money unless you have a reason. However, if a person can detect a symptom, they must immediately get a test done, or the consequences can be severe.

Allergy testing cost for pets

Human beings aren’t the only ones suffering from chronic allergies, but our beloved pets are prone to allergies too. Common pets like dogs and cats are susceptible to certain kinds of allergies, and to ensure their well being, an allergy test must be conducted before they get affected. Skin tests cost around $200 and this test can detect 60 kinds of allergens.

The pet owner can also choose to go for a blood test which can cost $300 at the most. Certain clinics might cost an extra charge for sedation, ranging from $45 to $100. And of course, different veterans would charge different fees.

However, the whole package shouldn’t exceed $600-$1000 under normal circumstances.

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