Have you ever thought that just like you; even your dog could be allergic to some of the food? It is not necessary that only humans are intended to get allergic to food, even dogs possess the same quality. It is not sure whether some particular type of food will suit your beloved pet or not. But the symptoms caused are very much different to that seen in humans. It is majorly experienced as itching on the body or specifically near the eyes and ears of the dog.

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The main cause of allergy in dogs is because of the protein intake. Dogs take a lot of protein rich food in different ways; it could be in the form of meat, chicken, lamb or any green vegetable in their diet plan. Wheat, eggs and soy are also widely used in dog’s diet and they can also be the reasons behind the allergy. There are many ways to test which food harms the dog. One of the best ways to do it is narrowing down the type of food given to dogs.

Best Dog Food for Allergies Itching

For this, you can reduce the variety of food being offered to the dog for a period of time. This will eventually help you to narrow down your options which will in the end tell you the type of food which are not healthy for your dog. There are certain dog food companies which provide novel food. Novel food is new variety of food that consists of those ingredients which were never tried by your dog. New variants will specifically identify which food content doesn’t suits him.

If in this case, you fail to identify allergens, then it is advisable to consult a veterinarian doctor who will conduct tests to take out the root cause of the allergy. The food allergy in dogs cannot be identified at the time the dog consumes that particular food. The affect of food takes time and so are the symptoms. It can be possible that your dog is having certain type of food since long, but has now developed an allergy from that.

There are many symptoms which prove that your dog has an allergy to certain foods. They may vary from simple stomach upset to diarrhoea, red swollen eyes and skin rashes. Dogs may also be prone to coughing and sneezing if some food doesn’t suits him. Inflamed ears and swollen paws are also some of the symptoms which are very evident to some food.

Sea food is considered to be best when it comes to ease the allergic effect. It provides two essential nutrients which helps to cure the adversity. Sea food is a rich source of omega-3 and fatty acids, which helps in proper digestion of food and strengthens immune system. Trying different bases of food is also the best way to help your dog. There is various food companies which offer a wide range from no grain-no wheat food to chicken, lamb, beef and duck variants. So if you see unusual changes in your dogs behaviour or his skin, change his diet and try new stuff.

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