Brewer’s yeast can be used as a substitute for baking powder in baby food . Essential ingredient of any dough , Brewer’s yeast is not only used in the preparation of bread and alcoholic drinks. Because of its curative , it has multiple uses in therapy . In addition , as an agent of growth, Brewer’s yeast successfully replace eggs and baking powder . Brewer’s Yeast contains B vitamins , B1,B2, B3, B5,B9,in ideal quantities and also it is an important source of minerals , Chromium, Zinc , Selenium,Iron and amino-acids ., vegetarian diet is recommended easily digestible protein intake.

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When can I introduce my child to feed Brewer’s yeast ?

Brewer’s yeast powder can be introduced into diversified feed baby after 6 months of age .Because , Brewer’s yeast contains gluten , closely watch the little reaction in case of intolerance or allergy to gluten .However ,our recommendation is that you need to consult your doctor , before introducing brewer yeast powder in baby food , follow the rule of 4 days .Brewer’s yeast benefits in child nutrition are:

Nutritional Yeast Side Effects

It plays an important role in stimulating growth processes , helping to strengthen bones babies- because of the rich content of B vitamins , it contributes to both their physical and mental development. Also , is recommended in children anemia and babies who get sick easily because it strengthens the immune system . In the same time it is a reliable aid for children who want to impose their ability to concentrate or cape with stress in optimal conditions . Brewer’s yeast , also ensures a healthy skin and a good bowel movement .

Brewer’s yeast can be purchased in the form of capsules , powder or tablets which you find in pharmacies and markets . They contain dried extracts of the species Saccharomyces Boulardii , the tablets obtained from selected yeasts cultures have a high content of Selenium and Vitamins B.

How we keep the Brewer’s Yeast ?

Before use granulated , Brewer’s yeast packaged in sachets should be kept in a cool dry place . After the sale , it can be kept in the refrigerators as such or in a dry container and covered .To add to the dough , it should be dissolved in warm water beforehand , leaving a few minutes to activate .

Fresh Brewer’s yeast can be stored even in the freezer throw it provided before use . Thus , it will remain active for a long time , up to 6 months .When left in the fridge its validity is shorter by 2 to 4 weeks . To maintain effects , the Brewer’s yeast must be protected from moisturize , this one activates causing it to lose its properties .Also, Brewer’s yeast loses its effects if exposed to air , or if kept near a heat source .

For this reason , it is recommended to be stored in a container with walls and opaque , colored cap whose content should be protected from the light .


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