It is very much obvious to get tired by the end of the day. But are you experiencing this during the peak hours of the day? When you wake up in the morning, do you feel that you didn’t sleep even after 7-8hour of sleep? Is it becoming difficult for you to stay awake during the day? It is not the normal tiredness; it is the result of allergies you have caught into.

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It is true that allergies make you feel tired more than usual. The person tends to feel asleep even when he is supposed to work. Without even doing any physical work, the person may feel exhausted, even in the morning time when one wakes up. Due to this, the normal course of life gests affected and person’s productivity declines at a faster pace. Fatigue often leads to lack of concentration in doing particular work, not willing to do anything because of frequent headaches and loss of consciousness.

do allergies make you tired

Tiredness can be in many forms, you may catch up cold and flu which affects your nose, makes it stuffy and also leads to severe headache. This headache if not diagnosed in time, may even end up in a serious problem of migraines. There may be many reasons for tiredness depending upon the cause of allergy. One of the most common causes which develop allergy in humans and results in fatigue is allergy from pollens and spores. Spores are present almost everywhere in the air. It is hard to avoid these.

Can Pollen Allergies Cause Fatigue

May people face difficulty when there is high pollen content in the environmental air. This result in itching on the skin, skin becoming red with rashes all over, continuous sneezing and also frequent headaches. In worst of the cases, this may lead the person into depression. Molds are also present everywhere which has spores in it. Getting in contact with air containing spores causes cough, runny nose, wheezing, fever, and headaches. All this can be cured if proper medication is given in time or the results can even be worse.

Spores develop where there is high humidity in the air and the weather is hot. There are ways you can reduce the risk of getting spores allergy. Proper hygiene should be maintained in the house and your surroundings, use of air conditioners will reduce humidity which will reduce spores content, and proper dusting should be done of things kept for long which are more prone to molds. All this will help to keep tiredness away.

There are people who feel tired because of other reasons also; it may be because of work pressure which has affected them mentally. It is possible for them to feel tired because of mental stress throughout the weekdays, but when weekend arrives, they are cheerful and active.

Not only this, simple dust allergy is also responsible to make you feel tired. Most of us are not aware of the importance of daily hygiene. So it is advisable to keep the dust away and breathe in fresh air.


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