Do you like to eat cashew? People really like to eat and add as spice in Asian foods. But, they must know about the cashew allergy symptoms as these can make them weak. Symptoms can be seen in different people, but the action of each people is different. Let us know about some allergic reactions due to cashew as follows-

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Symptoms of Cashew Allergy

This one is the allergic reaction to the cashew just after eating, no matter about the quantity. The victim feels itching or tingling around his mouth. No much cashew nut is the reason, you can be getting grasped if you eat or touch very small amount of the cashew nuts. Itchy welts with redness on the skin can be seen. Usually, this can be resolved within two to three days.

cashew allergy symptoms

  • Gastrointestinal Symptoms

This one is very important to know for everyone. If you feel allergic to this, then vomiting or cramping inside your stomach is some genuine matter. But, some severe symptoms like diarrhea, nausea and difficult in swallowing are taken place if the victim eats cashew. Your tongue and throat get affected while swallowing and these parts can choke your airway. This is one of the most common cashew allergy symptoms that many people get influenced unknowingly.

  • Respiratory system

You cannot believe that eating of cashew can affect your respiratory system. It gets affected due to the allergic reaction. Asthma and high fever are some important respiratory problem. Moreover, running nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, itchy nose and some other problem in inhalation are common. You just need to get rid of this problem by getting the right solution from an expert. Some other kinds can be seen in the victim of cashew allergy are pain in chest, chest tightening, problem in breathing and many others.

  • Anaphylaxis-

In this evidence some distinctive reactions take place due to cashew. Some common symptoms are fast pulse rate; throat swelling, lightheaded and tightening airways are some dangerous evidences. Moreover, faintness is another evidence for some victims. Some small amounts of cashew may affect the health in such a way, that the person can easily influence by anaphylactic shock. It develops quickly and if you will not take care of this, then it can be a life threatening for the victim. Thus, you must go to the doctor for the right treatment at the right time.

Now, you can understand that how cashew can be a life threatening factor. You must know about the allergies properly so that if you or any other person around you feels some health problem after eating cashew, then he must stop taking these nuts. Moreover, you can also get that how much dangerous it can be to a victim that feels allergy to this. Hence, these cashew allergy symptoms are not simple to resolve immediately.

Think about these problematic symptoms before you take cashews. Enjoy your health and life and if you face any problem, then before taking suggestion of some inexperienced, you must get contacted with the doctor. If you feel problem after eating cashew at the very first time, then don’t eat more.

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