Food is something that all living things need to survive. But imagine the same food which is the key to survival, transforming into a toxin that can poison you.

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We all are well aware of food allergies and problems that arise out of these allergies. Have you ever thought about how miserable these folks who suffer from food allergies can be? Imagine having to check each bite and watching each morsel for fear of starting one of those terrible allergy attacks.

paleo diet benefits for multiple sclerosis

Food allergies are not equally displayed, and some folks may have acute allergies, while others may have chronic allergic symptoms. Acute allergies are like the rapid action force troops. They come on swiftly, create a huge havoc and disappear from the scene by either causing death or recovery.

Chronic symptoms are actually more troublesome, for the reason that they linger and are a source of constant worry and ill-health to those affected.

Acute Food Allergies

The trigger behind acute food allergies can be quite whimsical, and differs from one person to another. While some folks break out with rashes or vomiting on eating seafood, others may sense danger with strawberries. The list of triggers is unique to each person suffering from acute food allergy.

Finding the exact culprit behind your acute food allergy is entirely a matter of trial and error. You possibly would not know what foods can shake you up, unless you experience an acute allergy after consuming them. Once you find the culprit, make sure to put out a red flag and steer clear away from it.

Chronic Food Allergies

The chronic food allergies are almost always due to gluten or casein in diet. These two components can cause a hoard of disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac Disease, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, etc.

Gluten is found in almost all of the cereals and hence can sneak up in any kind of food or drink that uses either wheat, barley, oats or any comparable item as an ingredient.

Casein is the protein that is found in milk, and as a matter of fact can be found in any of the products derived from milk like cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, etc.

How Does the Paleo Diet Save You From Food Allergies?

The Paleo Diet encourages users to strictly follow a high protein low carb diet. If you look closely at the list of foods permitted in the Paleo diet, you will notice that there are no cereals, no grains, no artificial flavoring or any milk or milk products of any kind.

So what does that tell you? Okay, if you are still not getting my point, read through the kind of food allergy culprits in the previous sections. Now look at the whole picture. Doesn’t it become clear now that going on a Paleo diet is similar to getting rid of a major part of food allergens by default.

When you do not eat the food allergy culprits, how can you possibly suffer from food allergy at all? Simple logic, isn’t it?


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