Just like us, even dogs are prone to allergies. There are certain things that affect them adversely and leads to allergy. The allergic symptoms may vary from one dog to another. Some dog’s immune system may be strong enough to fight that particular thing which can cause allergy, on the other hand, some dogs’ gets allergy very quickly. It is not necessary that dogs be allergic to external environment only, even the food they intake can harm them.

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They say, kids are very sensitive to dust, but have you ever thought of your dog? Your dog is prone to get allergy from dust. This is because dogs are very sensitive when it comes to pollen grains in the environment. Any kind of pollens is it flower or trees or grass pollens, it can cause allergies like sneezing in the dogs. People have seen their dogs getting skin allergies also like red rashes, increased scratching etc.

dogs with allergies

Fleas and flea-control products are very popular to keep away fleas. Fleas develop very quickly in dogs. It is one such disease which can occur even if you don’t comb your dog’s coat properly in time. Products and medicines used to cure this may result adversely in to some allergy and the condition can become even worse. Dogs get hypersensitive when exposed to certain type of fragrance, perfumes.

If you have noticed, when you visit a veterinarian doctor, he always suggests to keep away plastic and rubber materials from your dog chewing of plastic material or licking will make them contact to certain bacteria which have a bad affect on their respiratory system and digestive system. There are certain bacteria which directly impact the nervous system also, leading to loss of consciousness for some time.

When it comes to food, the only major cause which is identified is the amount and sources of protein in your dog’s diet. Protein is considered a rich source of growth and healthy skin coat to the dog. Wheat, chicken, pork, beef, lamb etc. are some of the foods your dog can have allergy with.

Signs symptoms of dogs with allergies

Some of the allergy symptoms which can be encountered in dog allergy are increased scratching, itchy and red eyes, vomiting, diarrhea, snoring caused by stuffed and swelled throat. These symptoms are not very quick. In dogs with allergies, the allergy is not developed overnight, with time the affect gets accumulated and then the outcome occurs. It is possible that your dog is having that food since long but the allergy is developed in later years.

For this reason, it is recommended to introduce novel food to your dog. Novel foods are a combination of different food ingredients which eventually narrow downs the type of food and help to identify which food has caused allergy to your dog. It may take around 6-8 weeks of time to identify the allergens. It is also advisable to try sea food for the dog as it introduces the dog with essential omega-3 and fatty acids which eases the affect of allergy.


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