Effects of potato allergy


Potato is one of the most consumed foods of the world. It is native to South America and was first taken to Europe by the Spaniards. Soon, potato is grown in almost every part of the world because of its easy cultivability, easy storage and great taste which is liked by all. It is given as an alternative to foods containing gluten and is also an essential part of gluten-free food. Potato is so much prevalent that it being the culprit of causing allergies is hard to think of.

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Yes! That’s true, potato does cause allergies and there are many kinds of allergens present in potato. The symptoms of allergy may range from simple cough and runny nose to hive like reactions. These allergic reactions can occur by touching, peeling, or eating potatoes, and sometimes even by eating with a spoon that may have touched potato by any means.

potato allergy

Potato can cause a lot of reactions in the body even though it is considered to be a bland vegetable. The effect could be on skin, on nervous system, on behavior and mental ability and many other systems of the body.

Effect of potato allergy on respiratory system:

Potato can cause type-1 allergic reactions in few people just by touching and peeling potato. This reaction mainly manifests as symptoms affecting respiratory system such as sneezing and wheezing. The breathing becomes heavy and the patient may even become unconscious if the allergy is severe.

Effect of potato allergy on integumentary system:

Skin is the victim of all the assaults whether internal or external. Even in potato allergy, there have been cases of eczema of severe variety and these people had either just touched potato or ingested it.

Effect of potato allergy on the nervous system:

Nervous system is the control panel of your body. It directs the body’s reaction to all the stimuli. It tells you what is wrong with your body and also the location of it. Potato allergens are known to be inducing effects that are strange and cannot be attributed to any food items. But when certain food items are stopped, these reactions stop abruptly pointing the needle towards those particular food items.

Effect of potato allergy on behavior of a person:

There have been many cases where a three and a half year old child would behave aggressive and out of control on having been exposed to potato either in food or otherwise. These reactions just vanished on putting the child on special diet without potatoes again confirming the allergens that were present in potatoes and were the actual culprit.

All these and many more reactions have been noted due to potato allergy and these reactions were not attributable to any other causative agent confirming the culprit, that is potato. Though this kind of allergy to potato is very rare, it does occur and must be treated effectively to prevent over-sensitization.

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