Cinnamon is used by most of the restaurants and bakeries in almost all their products. It enhances taste and has several health benefits. But it can also be dangerous for people who suffer from cinnamon allergy. This condition is not so common to worry about. You just need to be a little careful and have to see your doctor if you feel any discomfort while eating cinnamon. Even the smallest symptom should not be ignored as it can lead to a life threatening issue if not treated. To be able to handle any such problem properly, you need to have the necessary information about its symptoms. Only then, you will be able to identify it on time.

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Common Cinnamon Allergy Symptoms

The intensity can vary in different patients. It depends on the number of factors that cannot be considered all at once even by the experts. The symptoms that are more commonly seen and are not that dangerous are listed below.

  • Shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing and other asthma like symptoms
  • Swelling of lips and tongue
  • Redness, soreness and watering of eyes
  • Nausea
  • Runny nose

Cinnamon Allergy Symptoms
If you suffer from any of these symptoms while eating or just being in contact with cinnamon, you should consult a doctor.

Severe symptoms: In most cases, cinnamon allergy is not too dangerous. However, in some cases, it can have very serious symptoms and be life-threatening. Serious symptoms of this allergy are listed below.

  • Coming in contact with cinnamon can cause the patient’s skin to have inflammation. It might start with redness in the areas of the skin that came in contact with cinnamon and then lead to rashes, blistering and irritation.
  • Upset stomach is one of the most serious symptoms of this allergy. It can later cause gas, diarrhea, cramps and vomiting. These problems can last from a few minutes after ingesting cinnamon, until the time it is in your system. Thus, it should not be taken lightly as you cannot know how long it will last.
  • The most serious and life-threatening symptom of this problem is anaphylactic shock. It is extremely rare but still can occur to you or your kid. Thus, you should be very careful about the allergy. The anaphylactic shock generally start with lightheadedness, unusual heartbeat, dizziness, shock, sudden drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness, etc. If you suffer from any of these symptoms after being in contact with cinnamon, you should immediately seek medical attention.
  • Cinnamon allergy can even result in facial swelling. This is a very common symptom among patients with this allergy.

Symptoms in kids: The most common symptom of this allergy in children is skin dermatitis. You may observe redness of the skin that came in contact with cinnamon. It might even cause irritation and swelling. The first thing you should do in such a case is, wash those parts of the skin with soap and water. Then, you can consult a doctor.

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