Foods to avoid in Brewer’s Yeast Allergy


There are two types of Brewer’s Yeast the one derived direct from brewing industry and the live one that is cultivated in a laboratory. The one which resembles the yeast used in brewing is cheaper but not so powerful so you should go, always, for the most expensive live Brewer’s Yeast.

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The benefits are many and it is one of the most effective foods supplements on the market. Brewer’s Yeast is now eaten all over the world as people have discovered the unique combination of contents in the live Brewer’s Yeast provide many benefits to their health.

It comes as a food supplement in tablet form or powder but it is also found in many of the foods that you find in the local supermarket. An extract of Brewer’s Yeast is often mixed with vegetables and salts to add flavour to soups stews and casseroles and more

Yeast Allergy Symptoms in Adults
When people hear about Brewer’s Yeast allergy, they imagine a world without bread or beer, however there are many common foods that people do not know contain brewer’s yeast, at all, like bread and gravies, dips and spreads. It is also found in wines and beers and anything that ferments, like soy sauce or vinegar.

Soy sauce is fermented food if not all the companies use Brewer’s Yeast, so better reading the ingredients Vegemite and Marmite are spread on toast in Australia, New Zealand and Britain, respectively.

They are very popular in certain areas. especially among vegetarians, because of the great nutritional value and proteins. They are made from Brewer’s Yeast extract mixed with malt and spices for a fine flavour.

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Oxo cubes also contain Brewer’s Yeast mixed with wheat flour, corn flour, colouring and monosodium glutamate and it goes into Bovril beef and chicken stock Bovril used to be made from animal but Brewer’s Yeast was substitute , so it could be enjoyed by vegetarians.

This is not all-inclusive list of foods to avoid for someone with Brewer’s Yeast allergy symptoms but they should contact a nutritionist to get more complete information about foods containing Brewer’s Yeast.

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  1. Food sensitivity blood test showed that brewers yeast was a level III. I am already not eating gluten. Don’t know what to eat as I also may have Interstitial Cystitis.

  2. This article literally reads the opposite of the title. I’m looking for foods to avoid with a brewer’s yeast allergy but the article is not helpful at all.

  3. Thanks for your comment, I will try to update the content to be as consistent with the title as possible.

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