The beauty of a food item largely depends on the spices it contains. Garlic, is one such spice, which invariably increases the taste of any food item to a great extent. One of the tastiest spices, this is extensively used to provide an amazing flavour to a food.

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It is quite unfortunate for those, who have to let go of this spice due to allergic tendencies. There are certain types of protein found in the garlic, which causes harm to the immune system of the body. The protein that are present, gives rise to a whole range of chain reaction of certain chemical products, which are extremely harmful for the body.

Hence, one needs to be very careful of garlic allergy symptoms, since no such antidote is found for this spice.

Garlic allergy symptoms

What causes the Garlic Allergy?

There is a specific type of substance in this spice that causes the allergic reaction

Allicin is one of the prime components of garlic and onion. It is generally released when the garlic is chopped or crushed. In general cases, garlic most of the times remain undercooked. To make sure that the allicin is destroyed, the garlic needs to be cooked at very high temperature and for a longer time period.

Since, this is not always possible hence, it is best that garlic be avoided.

Certain processed foods have shreds of garlic which can be dangerous for people who are allergic. Even pizzas and burgers at times have shreds which can be very harmful.

Way in which the body reacts:

For people who are allergic to garlic, the moment they consume it, the immune system identifies it.

  • After identification, the body releases immunoglobulin E antibodies into one’s system via the blood stream.
  • This now fights with the garlic proteins causing the mast cells that are present in soft tissues to form histamine.
  • The increased histamine content in the body causes inflammation of the tissues and symptoms of allergy can be noticed.

In this way, the garlic allergy symptoms can be seen within one’s body.

Reactions faced:

A person who is allergic to this whole branch of spices can be faced with a series of reactions. Thus, one should at least be aware of the conditions that one may have to face.

  • Tightness of the chest causing a shortage in breath. This further result in runny nose and swelling of the mouth.
  • A sense of bloating can be felt. This is followed by inflammation of skin, nausea and itching tendencies.
  • Cramps in the stomach followed by diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • Sudden drop in blood pressure or even increased heart rate.

In case of consumption of garlic, one should be aware of the consequences and immediate medication required.

Medication required:

  • Antihistamine is the best medicine for treatment in case of such allergy rating from mild to moderate.
  • Hydrocortisone is best used for treating skin itches and rashes. It helps in reducing the inflammation of the skin.
  • To prevent anaphylactic shock, one should inject the person with epinephrine.

Since, the garlic allergy symptoms occur at a certain period, so the person who has tendencies should always keep a medicine nearby and most importantly try to avoid this spice.

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