Have you or any of your family members have gone through continuous sneezing all of a sudden or shortness of breath such as kind of asthma or red itchy rashes? The majority of people have to face this problem in his day to day life because of one of the culprits known as allergens that are all around us and cannot be seen by our naked eyes. It is not that all have to face the same problem. Your skin and immunity vary from another person. When your body acts sensitive to one particular thing, that means you are allergic to it.

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In order to avoid allergies, you must be aware of the thing that causes allergies in you. It is only then you can fight back to your allergies to remain healthy in life. A home allergy test is the best way to know that secret enemy that makes your life miserable, and you have to rush to the doctor immediately.

Home allergy test

How to detect allergens at home?

  • Allergens test kits

There are plenty of home allergy test kits available on the market to detect allergens at your home. To use them you just have to buy it from the market and follow the instructions manual step by step that comes along with the kit. The kits will identify the allergens right from genus to the species level. According to the kit results you can take the precautions and lead an allergy free life.

  • Skin allergy tests at home

Patch testing is one of the common home allergy tests to check whether the new cosmetics product that you just bought will go by you or not. It is very easy to perform and without any pain it will give you the result. In this test, patches like hair dyes, preservatives, fragrances etc. applied on your skin for 48 hours. The only thing that you need to avoid during this test is heavy sweating and bathing. After 48 hours when the patches are removed the irritated part of skin can be considered as prone to allergic.

  • Food allergy tests at home

You should always avoid food that is allergic to you because food allergy increases your metabolic rate that is equivalent to stress. Based on this science Dr Author Coca came with coca pulse test which is very simple home allergy test and do not require any expensive equipment. If you have a tendency to develop food allergy after ingesting any specific food, then your pulse rate will increase thereby causing stress in you.

How to keep your home allergy proof

Although, home allergy test will help you to know about certain allergens, but it is not always 100% true, so it is better to go to the doctor if you tend to develop an allergy to any specific substance. Therefore, it is always better to keep your home allergens free by keeping your house neat and tidy. Always wash your bed sheets twice a week with warm water at the same time enclose all your pillows, box springs and mattresses with dust-mite-proof covers to stay healthy.

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