Due to the pollution and dust in the air nowadays, allergies have become very common, especially in kids. People are allergic to a lot of different things, from peanuts to onions. That’s why, it has become essential to take these things seriously and consult a doctor as soon as you suspect that you or your kid might have an allergy. Organizations like Atlanta Allergy and Asthma are putting a lot of effort and time in fighting all types of allergies. With the help of such clinics, it becomes quite easy to manage an allergy properly. Here is an overview to know how these experts treat the problems associated with this condition.

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The first step of treating an allergy, or any medical issue, for that matter, is an accurate diagnosis. Doctors try to determine whether it is an allergic reaction or just a side effect to something. If it is an allergy, the next important thing is to determine what caused it, which is a very lengthy process. If the person is allergic to a common thing like peanuts, doctors will probably get to the conclusion very quickly. In case of a rare allergy, like to onion, the diagnosis might take a lot of time.

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Once the diagnosis has been made, the next step is to take all necessary precautions to avoid it as much as possible. Treatment takes a significant amount of time and another allergic reaction has to be avoided at all costs. The doctor can only explain these precautions. Rest is entirely up to the patient, or his parents in case of a kid, to follow it properly.

When it comes to treatment, there are three main methods used at Atlanta Allergy and Asthma and several other organizations like it. All these methods are briefly described below. You should gather more info and consult your doctor before selecting one of them.

  • Allergy shots: This is the best and most preferred method of treating allergies. It is a medication, but rather is a natural approach of making the patient’s body better immune or tolerant to allergy. The allergen compound that is causing the allergy is injected into the body. The amount of allergen is increased gradually until the body is fully immune or tolerant to the substance. The results of this method are permanent. Thus, once you complete the treatment, you will not need to worry about the allergy again.
  • Allergy drops: The concept is same as the above method. Only the delivery mechanism is different. A small amount of allergen in placed under the tongue of the patient. The amount is increased gradually until patient is completely immune. The method is not as effective as the shots and thus is not recommended by Atlanta Allergy and Asthma. However, it is the only option in some cases.
  • Allergy tablets: The allergen compounds are introduced in the form of a fast dissolving tablet. The tablet is placed under the tongue, just as in the case of drops. The body builds the tolerance very slowly.

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