There is no doubt or questions to the fact that potato is the most consumed food in the world. It is available throughout the year and is also one of the cheapest foods of all. Potato is widely used in each and every household in different ways. Potato allergy is not so common and most of the people can consume it without any harm. But when it comes to harm, there are several symptoms which are found y researchers in the past few years.

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Potato allergy symptoms are not slow; they can be experienced as soon as you contact potato. Yes! It is not necessary to develop an allergy only when you eat it. There are people who have experienced itching in hands and on skin and eczema while peeling or after peeling potatoes. It is a very common food which makes it easier to realise that the allergy which has been developed is because of potato. Even people have been affected by a drop of potato juice as well. One of the most common symptoms of potato allergy is sneezing and wheezing in the households. It is all time present and we cook it in some or the other way so it is natural to develop allergy in course of time. Itching and sneezing may even result in asthma sometimes in the worst of the cases.

Potato Starch Allergy Symptoms
Potato allergy
can be in the form of lethargy. It can make people tired and fatigue. They don’t feel like initiating the entire day. Either people will develop fever or sleep throughout the day. This ends up in frequent headaches. The best way to cure this is to avoid potatoes. People who were allergic to potatoes have seen a difference after giving it up completely. They become more lively and active. Sometimes, potato allergy can also be in the form of aggression and being nasty. This makes people irritated, short tempered and always criticizing things. It becomes difficult to concentrate on particular work.

In some of the worst cases, thirst, bedwetting, and large smelly floating stools are also seen on people who consume potatoes very frequently. Not only this, even a newly born child can get affected adversely by potato. If the mother is having too much of potato throughout the day, it will directly affect the child. Through breast feeding, the child may be in contact with the potato content. The child may start screaming badly or cry unnecessarily. Also, it is seen in children who eats a lot f potato, they become hyper active just after its consumption. They start misbehaving and jump around the house for no reason.

In children, there is a possibility of developing dyslexia and loss of memory. Excess potato may have an adverse affect on the nervous system of the humans. It will lead them to depression and anxiety. The best way to prevent such problems is to avoid potato consumption completely. There is no other way around, a magic pill which will cure this allergy. There are a lot many things which can replace potato. So, if you find yourself allergic to it, stop having it right here.

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