Considered as one of the best fruits and culinary item for decoration of the dishes, be it in the sense of taste or fragrance, it has marked its presence from jam, ice cream, air fresheners to perfumes, makeup accessories and even shampoos. It is an excellent antioxidant and researchers have even found its ability to fight cancer. Despite all this, it is one of the most common food item to which people are allergic of. Though allergy from strawberry are not much serious but if not detected and properly diagnosed in time, it can have a more sever affect.

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Strawberries affect throat and mouth the most. There are many symptoms but these two are the most chronic areas where the symptoms can be seen within 2 hours of strawberry consumption. Your throat may become firm, you may feel tightness there and the lips or the cheeks may start to swell. There could be swelling in the throat also which is very important to be detected in time because if the swelling increases, it may obstruct the airway and then it will become difficult for you to breath.

allergic reaction to strawberries

There could be symptoms like burning sensations in the gums, lips or tongue or other oral parts. Itching is also one of the most common symptoms. There could be hives inside the cheeks which may result in swelling of the cheeks. Apart from oral symptoms, there could be many more signs of strawberry allergy like nausea, stomach upset and vomiting. There are cases where it can even lead to abdominal cramps and also diarrhoea.

Other than this, there can be a number of symptoms which can occur like rhinitis, rapid pulse, fainting or loss of consciousness, skin dermatitis and chest pains. There can even be rashes on the body because of the histamine which is released during the allergic reaction causing vast swelling of the skin and sometimes may even result in red blotches on the skin. Because of this, the eyes may feel watery and you might end up having unstoppable tears. This will also make your nose feel stuffy. To avoid this, proper preventive measures needs to be taken so that it does not go even more adverse.

The best way to avoid such allergy is to avoid strawberries itself. There cannot be any other simplest way to do that. If you don’t want to get any side effects of allergy, then simply avoid consuming it. When you experience swelling of lips or cheeks, you could probably try cold compress which helps to slow down and ease the swelling. Though it may not work in some cases, but there are people who have successfully curtailed the swelling. Aloe Vera is one such remedy which has such nutritional and medicinal value when it comes to curing strawberry allergy. Put aloe Vera salve at the affected area and let it stay for a while. Don’t rub much and this will give relief to your skin in some time. Green tea is also good because of its anti-histamine effect.

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