Eye floaters are small dots that tend to float in the eyes. They could affect your vision by obstructing a portion of light-rays entering the eyes.  If you are wondering how to get rid of eye floaters, please continue reading this article as we talk about multiple ways of doing this.

Home Remedy for Eye Floaters

One of the primary causes of eye floaters is age-related changes that could occur inside the eyes. Objects that are in the field of vision of the eye would reflect light-rays, which are then reflected onto the retina; it is what causes people to see some eye floaters. Before reaching the retina, light has to go through a substance referred to as vitreous humor. Vitreous humor is linked to the retina and it also comprises of numerous fine fibers. When people age, vitreous humor would tend to shrink and could sometimes get separated from the inner surface of the eyeball. When this occurs, some small lumps of different sizes and shapes would form.

Some individuals would have vitreous humor that has more strings than others, and these people would have more lumps or strings that partially block the light-rays passing through the retina. If this occurs, these individuals would experience shadows in their vision. In most cases, eye floaters tend to develop gradually; however, some people experience some symptoms of this condition suddenly.

There are certain cases where you’ll notice that the fibers of vitreous humor would shrink excessively in a way that they make the retina to be dislodged which eventually affects the vision. In spite of the fact that the common cause of the eye floaters is aging, other causes also include complications of diabetes, pregnancy and trauma of the eyes.

Although some people believe that minor cases of eye floaters could go away naturally, there are situations where various kinds of eye floater treatments could be utilized. There are certain individuals with conditions where the eye has become used to the existence of eye floaters; due to that, the situation gets worse with time. There is no medication that has proven to completely remove or successfully decrease the amount of eye floaters on one’s eyes. If you suffer numerous eye floaters that tend to affect the normal vision, then there’s a treatment that most doctors would suggest. It is a surgical method referred to as a vitrectomy. it’s the surgical removal of the vitreous humor.

Another way for getting rid of eye floaters is known as the laser treatment, where a laser is utilized to break-up the eye floaters. The two methods used in treating eye floaters should never be carried out on people who suffer from the serious types of eye floaters; caused by vitreous syneresis or posterior vitreous detachment.

Another alternative treatment to get rid of eye floaters is psychological conditioning. It involves a process where the patient goes through some kind of psychological therapy to assist him/ her in getting used to eye floaters.

How to get rid of eye floaters at home naturally

If you want to know how to get rid of floaters in the eye naturally, then there are a couple of them on how to get rid of eye floaters such as:

Drink a juice of fruits and vegetable daily (preferably organic). The most common eye floaters recipe includes a combination of raspberries, apple, parsnip, celery, carrots, beets, thyme or garlic.

–  Try to control your stress. Involve yourself in numerous exercises such as walks in the field, contemplation, Tai chi, riding a bicycle, running or any other activity.

Try practicing your palming abilities. Lightly press the palms on your eyes. Before carrying this out, welcome the hands by rasping them slowly and smoothly. Keep them in contact with your eyes for not more than 10 seconds. Repeat the process at least ten times.

Exercise your eyes by looking up at the ceiling. Roll the eyes in a circular, clockwise direction as well as counterclockwise. Repeat the steps at least ten times in both directions.

Focus the eyes. This involves holding a thin object such as a straw in front of you with the arms fully extended in front of you. Focus directly on the straw while moving it slowly in stages towards you till it’s around 6 inches from you. Repeat the procedure ten times and you are good to go.

Gives your temples a massage. This eye floater treatment focuses on using your thumb knuckles to initiate a massage on your temples. You can do it for around 1 minute in both directions and now you will know how to get rid of eye floaters.


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