Have you ever heard of the city that has been ranked in terms of allergy? If you haven’t, then read this article to know more interesting fact about it. The Oklahoma allergy report reveals that it is the worst cities to live for people who are prone to allergic. About one-third of the Americans lives in this city that has been rank unfavourable for spring allergies to live in.

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According to the new report, the situation of the city is turning into worst because of the combination of ragweed pollen and ozone in high amount. A report from Natural Resources Defence Council named Oklahoma as the sneeziest and wheeziest city along with many other cities like Chicago, Richmond, Virginia etc.

Oklahoma allergy report

2015 ranking of Oklahoma

2015 ranked Oklahoma to 7th worst nation for the allergic people to live in because the percentage of pollen pollution has reached to the highest level and gradually it is becoming more and more difficult for the people to live in according to Oklahoma allergy report.

How Oklahoma is ranked

The ranking is determined by Asthma and Allergy foundation of America that is a non-profit research organization, started its “Allergy Capitals” report back in 2003 that keeps on going year after year. Its main goal is to determine the most allergy prone cities in the United States to live in. The research is conducted on 100 allergy prone cities based on three important parameters. They are as follows:

  • Number of allergy medication used per patient.
  • Number of allergy specialist per patient.
  • The pollen count.

Why Oklahoma City is allergy prone

The main reason behind this worst place to live in is ragweed pollen that causes itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose. Above it, the increasing temperature and rapid rate of carbon dioxide along mixes with ragweed produce more and more pollen thus making the condition more than the worst.

A report published by Asthma and Allergy foundation of America and American Lungs association says that ragweed pollen combines with ozone mainly due to global warming and climate change making the respiratory health of people living there next to the word miserable.

How to save Oklahoma

In order to reduce the health hazards caused by the combination of pollen and ozone, The NDRC recommended Environment protection agency to restrict the limit of carbon dioxide released by the power plants and reduce the level of ozone in the air. NRDC also recommended the government to check the level of pollen.

What NRDC recommended to people?

NRDC highly recommended the people to restrict the pollen counts in their area and should keep their windows and doors closed especially during high smog or high pollen days. They also requested people to avoid doing any outdoor activities especially during the day as the ozone level reaches the peak during this time. Instead, they should do all these activities early morning when the pollen count and the ozone level are low.

Allergies in Oklahoma clearly stated that if the situation is not under control in future it will make the people shift from their city to the other city just to survive in a healthy way.

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