Quite unlike humans, when pets suffer from allergies they are not quite able to express it. With humans, we generally tend to note things faster and hence get them treated easily. With pets, their restlessness and physical attributes are the only noticeable things and hence they tend to suffer more.

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It is very important that the dogs kept as pets in one’s house should be aware of their physical conditions. So when it comes to a dog, the allergen causes the dog to develop a number of allergies.

Pitbull is one species of dog, which faces a number of allergic tendencies. In this case, the owner should be extra useful in regards to his or her pet.

Pitbull allergies

What causes pitbull allergies?

The primary source of this allergy is the allergen that originates from a dog’s saliva and urine. This allergen is a type of protein, known as Can F1, which is found in the skin flakes of the pitbull.

There is another protein known as albumin which is found in their blood.

Types of allergy:

This breed of dog, the pitbull, faces a number allergy. Though some of them are quite common, the others are clearly restricted to this species.

  • Flea Allergy:

Lice can cause allergy in dogs. This generally originates from their saliva hence the tog should be tested with their saliva.

  • Inhalant Allergy:

In this case, dogs after inhaling any such irritant tends to pick their ears, scratch, bite lick and chew their feet constantly. Since they cannot express themselves as humans do, hence they portray such actions.

  • Food Allergy:

Pitbullsare especially prone to allergies from certain food items. Hence, it is best to give them home cooked food with protein and starch source.

This is also specially associated with pitbulls. This is a skin allergy that is caused by the hypersensitivity that is caused by the dog’s immune development. The saliva generally has a tendency to be red brown and the abdomen changes colour from pinkish red to finally dark black.

Generally these are the types of allergies that the pitbull gets attacked by. So it is imperative on the owner to keep his dog safe from these types of allergic reactions.

Symptoms found in pitbulls:

There are a varied number of reactions that can be found in the pitbulls when one is suffering from allergic tendencies. These pitbull allergies are the only way to diagnose the actual problem.

  • Development of rashes, itchy nose and back (especially sitting base).
  • Licking incessantly, chewing of paws.
  • Diarrhoea, vomiting and upset stomach.
  • The saliva turning reddish brown.

Ways to prevent allergies:

  • Dusting and vacuuming of the pitbull’s sleeping area.
  • Bathing the dog thrice a week with special pet shampoo. Also scrubbing and cleaning it on a regular basis.
  • If it is a male dog, then it can be neutered. This reduces the tendencies of allergy.
  • Not allow the dog to loiter all over the house. This will prevent him from inducting certain dust particles.
  • Regular ventilation is required to maintain air quality.

Thus, one should follow a strict routine to prevent pitbull allergies and maintain better health of their dogs.

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