Schools, Lunch and Peanut Allergy


Schools, Lunch and Peanut Allergy: Is it really necessary to ban peanuts from schools?

While this action may seem extreme, it might really be necessary to keep some children safe. For some children, contact with peanuts can prove fatal.

For kids who love peanut butter sandwiches, a peanut ban can be tough, but there a plenty of alternatives.

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Here are some tips-

  1. Try cream cheese and jelly. Yum!
  2. Get a thermos and fill it with your favorite soup or stew and pack some crackers. (tip- Put hot water in the thermos to warm it up, pour it out, then add the soup. Then, the thermos will keep the soup warmer longer.)
  3. There is always other old standbys like ham and cheese, bologna, or cheese and crackers.
  4. Avoid using nut butters like almond, cashew or sesame seed. Your school’s ban probably covers these. They are often contaminated with peanuts.
  5. Soy nut butter is a safe alternative to peanut butter so, try it (review below).

Peanut Allergy

Soy nut butter: review

Soy nut butter is sold as a substitute for peanut butter and it is sold in many flavors and styles like plain, creamy, chunky, honey flavor, chocolate flavor, and more.

To be honest, I am a big peanut butter fan so, I didn’t have high expectations for soy nut butter. I decided that to be fair, I needed to try the nut butter in several different ways.

So, I tested it on a spoon, on pretzels, and on toast with raspberry jam. Here are my findings.

The flavor I tried is “Honey Chunky” by I.M. Healthy.

Spoon– It has a similar creamy texture as peanut butter. The nuts are nicely crunchy but, not like peanuts.

Still okay though. Initially, I think that soy nut butter tasted a bit like stale peanuts (after taste), but I think the flavor is growing on me a little.

Pretzel– It is quite a bit better on a pretzel. The saltiness disguises the after taste some.

Eating the soy nut butter on pretzels makes me think that I could actually finish the jar.

On toast with raspberry jam- Not as good as on the pretzel, it is definitely okay. I could eat it again, but I would wish I had the real deal.

Conclusion– Soy nut butter is better than I thought it would be. Except for the fact that soy nut butter looks allot like peanut butter, I don’t think it would fool anyone in a sandwich.

I would recommend it on salty crackers or as dip for pretzels.


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