Sulphate allergy is a rare form of sensitivity which people develop after consuming a certain amount of sulphate in the diet. Sulphate is basically chemicals that are used as preservatives in food to keep them fresh and durable. Though, sulphate has its own benefits which cannot be underestimated. It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant which is very much required to make stomach acids and digestive enzymes. These acids and enzymes are necessary to break down food for proper digestion to take place.

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Sulphate helps in keeping the gut wall healthy which prevents large pieces f food which was not able to break to pass from it. If such thing happens, your body will develop antibodies and result in developing an allergy. It has a high medicinal value. It even helps to protect you from cancer as it acts as a detoxifier chemical which detoxifies foods and drugs.

Symptoms of Sulfite Allergy

There is a variety of food which is consumed on a routine basis containing sulphate. Some of them can be fruit jams, pickled food, canned vegetables, potato chips, beer and wines. In all such foods, sulphate acts as a preservative which helps to keep the food eatable for longer period of time. Foods which are baked, juices, bottled lemon juices; grape juice, trail mix, gravies, tea etc are also high in sulphate content.

Everyone says that fruits and vegetables are a rich source of nutrition to the human body. But there are certain vegetables like spinach, radish and fruits like orange which does not let sulphate pass to the appropriate place where it should be. The best way to avoid such allergy is to avoid it. It is important to avoid chemicals like sulphate as a direct intake, but on the other hand it is necessary for your body to continue making it for efficient functioning of digestive system.

Sulphate is a product of sulphite which is made through an enzyme called sulphite oxidase. If the body does not get suitable quantity of this enzyme, you may suffer from either excess of sulphite or lack of it which is toxic for the body.

Avoiding direct intake of sulphate to prevent allergy means avoiding it completely. Only then you will be able to diagnose it properly and lead a healthy life. It is very important to have a timely treatment to avoid hives, swelling of face, tongue or throat. Swelling of throat is dangerous as it will lead to contraction of airway and it will become difficult for you to breathe.

Apart from the symptoms discussed, there can be more affects varying from a sudden drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness, imbalance in the body that may even lead to anaphylaxis which is life threatening. When a treatment begins, there can also be after affects also like fever, skin eruptions, swollen lymph nodes etc. In such cases, it is advised to consult the doctor immediately to control it otherwise it may lead to further conditions which can be life threatening. So don’t take it casually if you experience any of these symptoms.

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