To deal with a food allergy is a long time commitment in our day to day life. According to Food allergy research and education, approximately 15 million people suffer from atleast one food allergy among which sunflower seed allergy is one of the common factors. There is an immune reaction in response to food allergy. Any part of the body including respiratory tract, cardiovascular system and digestive system can be affected by this.

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A report revealed by food allergy and anaphylaxis connection team that about 90% of the people is prone to allergic in respect to 8 foods such as milk, peanut, egg, wheat, soy, shellfish etc.

What is Anaphylaxis?

The tendency to develop an allergy in response to seed such as sunflower is known as Anaphylaxis. Sunflower seed allergy is similar to peanut allergy.

Sunflower Seed Allergy

Symptoms of sunflower seed allergy

The symptoms associated with sunflower seed allergy are almost similar to other allergies. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Vomiting
  • Eczema
  • Itchy mouth.
  • Unsettled stomach.

 Sunflower seed in food

Although there is no specific cure that has beendiscoveredyet ,to treat the allergy related to food so the only way to cure food allergy is to avoid the allergic food strictly. Although you don’t consume sunflower seeds directly but there are lots of food products and beauty products where sunflower hides.

Top 5 things to avoid if you are having sunflower seed allergy

  • Cooking oils

Sunflower seeds are highly found in cooking oils. Therefore before buying the cooking oil you must check the level. Sometimes sunflower oil is safe for an allergic person if it is highly processed. If the oil is highly processed, then it removes the protein that is the main cause of allergic reaction.

  • Sunflower butter

It almost looks like peanut butter, so it is very necessary to check the level before you purchase, but even if you are allergic to peanut then chances are there that you too develop an allergy to sunflower seeds.

  • Cosmetic products

Sunflower is one of the common factors in beauty products like lotions, moisturizer, and shampoos so you are advised to buy only after checking the level if you are prone to sunflower seed allergy.

  • Birdseed

One of the favourite foods of birds is sunflower seeds. So if you have sunflower seed allergy and by any means you comes in contact with birdseed that has sunflower seeds, then the reaction will take place.

Be prepared

If you have developed an allergic reaction against sunflower seed, then you must immediately consult a doctor. EpiPen is considered to be one of the important medications that treat anaphylaxis.

There are thousands of people who develop an allergic reaction to food and dealing with a food allergy is not an easy task. It is like accepting challenge throughout the life but if you can avoid the food that is prone to allergic you can lead much better life. Try to find the alternatives against that food that is allergic to you.

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