Banana has such nutritional and health benefits that everyone loves it throughout the year. It is one of the most commonly available fruit throughout the year and the best part is it is also one of the cheapest fruits! It is consumed by every age group, kids or elderly people and everyone has their own benefits. But have you ever thought that this fruit can be an allergen to you?

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It is hard to believe but banana allergy is not new. In fact, it is very common within people. Not only grown up adults, but even a toddler can be prone to banana allergy. It is so soft and melts as soon as it goes inside the mouth that it has become one of the best introductory items for small babies. But it is always advisable to get a banana allergy test before you try it.

Symptoms of a Banana Allergy

The allergy does not take time to develop, as soon as you consume banana, you can experience the symptoms. Kids may develop banana allergy when they are young, but it is seen, with time they are able to overcome this. But in adults, this does not happen. An adult will have to give it up for the rest of his life. There is a range of symptoms which confirms that one has had a banana allergy. Though it is not considered life threatening, but if not diagnosed in time properly, than it may result in even more severe conditions.

One may experience swelling of lips, throat, tongue and cheeks. Swelling may happen because of the itching post consumption. It may even spread to one’s eyes and the skin of the body. The body becomes highly reactive and results in itching and swelling. This needs to be efficiently diagnosed for a better treatment which will reduce further problems. For example, if the throat swells even more, it will be difficult to breathe as the airway may contract too much, preventing the air to pass to the lungs.

Itching may even result in rashes on the body. The skin may turn red and there could be hives. Swelling of eyes and even the entire face can get affected, causing pain and loose skin. If the blood pressure drops suddenly, it may be a sign of a serious problem. The variations in the pulse rate have an adverse affect. This can be a cause of no proper diagnosis of the allergy. Such variations may end up in sudden loss of consciousness and light headedness.

There could be a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms which can happen post banana consumption. This can be a feeling of nausea to upset of stomach in some cases. Diarrhoea is also a common allergy symptom which is an adverse affect of stomach pain and abdominal cramping. Immediate vomiting can also happen. A drop in the blood pressure may result I a sudden shock to the body. This is not common and happens in rare cases. This requires serious attention and timely diagnosis. It is always advisable to consult a doctor in such cases.

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