It is quite difficult for a complete food buff to keep oneself completely away from tomatoes. The lovely red vegetables are definitely a pleasure to eat and bring a tangy taste to the food prepared.

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However, to some people this is no better than a deadly combination. They experience a series of allergic reactions post the consumption of tomatoes and hence better stay away from it.

Also, it is important to know that tomatoes belong to the nightshade allergy family containing a high level of chemical component in their food. Hence, it is best for people who are prone to tomato allergy symptoms, avoid them.

Tomato allergy symptoms

Why do people get these allergies?

Tomato belongs to the nightshade group of allergic plants. There are certain issues associated with this family that makes any vegetable from this group almost intolerable.

  • Members of this specific plant family, contain certain alkaloids which can cause reactions even on touching.
  • They contain a chemical called salicylate. This is a derivative of salicylic acid and causes irritation in very many people.
  • It so happens that after a person comes in contact with the tomato, the body releases a set of antibodies which produces histamine. This histamine causes inflammation of tissues and also inflammation of eyes, ears, and nose. This is almost an instant reaction and hence causes immediate problem.

Tomato allergy symptoms found:

  • Acidity and heartburn:

Tomatoes cause gastrointestinal problems. This further leads to indigestion. The acid that is caused, results in the oesophagus area being burnt. Thus, one can feel complete discomfort in the chest area.

  • Hives, skin rashes and eczema:

Generally the moment one consumes tomatoes, for people who cannot do so, immediate reaction starts resulting in breaking out of skin.

  • Abdominal cramps:

The lower part of the stomach starts burning and cramps can be felt. These further results in a nauseous feeling and vomiting tendency among people.

  • Swelling:

Immediately the person’s lips face and other parts of the body start swelling. This at times results in giving a bloated appearance.

  • Increase in tears, sweat, and saliva:

Generally people, who are allergic to it, have extreme reactions and result in increased ejection of hormones. So a person starts to sweat and salivate more than normal.

  • Conjunctivitis:

In case of extreme reactions, the tomato pollen that is present in it causes reddening of the eye and rhinitis. An increased reaction could actually cause conjunctivitis symptoms in people.

  • Oral allergy:

This is one very important effect especially found in this case. An oral allergy develops suddenly which can result in excessive itching and swelling of the whole mouth.

Hence, people should be extra careful to look out for these symptoms in case of mistaken consumption of tomato.

Prevention methods:

  • Anti- inflammatory medicine:

This is for an immediate relief. One should have ibuprofen at hand in order to prevent any further escala5tion of the inflammatory state.

At times it may so happen that one food may come in contact with another food item having tomato shreds in it. In this case, cross contamination occurs. So people should be very careful to keep away tomatoes from general food articles.

  • Antihistamine should always be carried.

Thus, it is advisable to be alert in case of tomato allergy symptoms and take immediate measures in case of contamination.

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