Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. This dark coloured beverage tops the chart of beverages. Not only the taste is good, but it has a lot of medicinal and nutritional benefits which helps you to stay healthy and fit. A cup of coffee a day will keep you energetic throughout the day. Coffee has a number of benefits to its credit when it comes to curing or avoiding the risk of certain diseases like diabetes and liver cancer. Coffee helps to prevent type-2 diabetes by increasing the level of plasma in the body. Risk of liver cancer can also be reduced up to 40%.

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It is found in research that the risk of heart failures is also reduced by coffee consumption. In spite of all these health benefits, still there are people who may encounter coffee intolerance. It is not much common and only a few numbers of people diagnose for the same. It is strange because of the nature of coffee. The body reacts to it differently in different people. Every one’s immune system is different and if you are prone to coffee allergy, it is not necessary that you will have the same symptoms as other people have. There is a variety of symptoms which are caused when the human body reacts to the consumption of coffee adversely.

Coffee Allergy Symptoms Adults

What happens when your allergic to coffee

The symptoms vary from skin problems like red rashes on the skin, itching in the body, eczema; hives etc. headaches are most common symptom. It is not normal to have headache after having coffee, but if you experience it for a while now, it is possible that you are having it because of an allergy from coffee. If it is not diagnosed properly then it may even turn into migraines.

There could be swelling in the mouth, tongue, glands and even throat. This can make it difficult for the person to breath because excessive swelling of the throat will block the airways which will constraint the air to pass from it. In sever of the cases, a sudden panic attack can also be seen where people react in a very hyper manner. This is all because of the anxiety one experiences after having allergic to coffee. The person may become very angry, there could be lot of mood swings and behave in a very irritated manner. All this will lead to lack of concentration.

In extreme cases which are rare but can happen, a person can feel pain in the chest. On the other hand, in some cases, people were not even able to feel their hands or face or feet. They were numb for a while. People often start hallucinating things. Their mind works in all the directions and they imagine things which are not actually present or happening. Swelling can also affect the eyes. People may tend to feel tired, fatigue if they have encountered coffee allergy. One of the most common symptoms of coffee allergy is cold/flu. Also one is likely to experience cold sweats.

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